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File transfer

Adium supports file transfers over AIM, XMPP ("Jabber"), and Bonjour protocols.

Which protocols support file transfer?

Sending and receiving files is currently supported on:

  • AIM (hard limit of 4 GB)
  • ICQ (hard limit of 4 GB)
  • IRC
  • SILC (not yet in Adium)
  • XMPP ("Jabber") when neither side is behind a NAT device.
  • Bonjour

Initiating a file transfer

There are a variety of ways to initiate a file transfer with another user:

  • Click the File Transfer icon (Document with a green arrow icon), located in the message view's toolbar.
  • Select the destination user in the contact list then click Contact → Send File...
  • Simply drag and drop a file from the Finder onto the contact in your Contact List.

AIM/ICQ file transfer ports

Users behind a router or a firewall may have better luck with AIM file transfer after forwarding ports 5190 - 5200 to their machine.

  • Mac OS X 10.5 users: Add Adium to the allowed programs list in the software firewall. Go to System Preferences → Security → Firewall. If Allow all incoming connections is not selected, choose Set access for specific services and applications, click the + button, and select Adium from your Applications folder.

Why does AIM/ICQ file transfer sometimes work better in iChat?

  • When the sender is behind a firewall or router, libpurple's AIM file transfer implementation may fail. See the previous section for more information.
  • libpurple does not support transferring of entire folders yet. Such transfers will fail.

Improving Bonjour file transfer

For Bonjour file transfer to work when sending it is required to allow port 5298 TCP and UDP in.