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Managing contacts

Most contact management in Adium occurs directly on the contact list or via menu items in the Contacts menu.

If you just signed up for your instant messaging account, be sure to select Add Group from the Contact menu and add a group before adding contacts. See Managing groups for more information.

Adding a contact

  1. Select Add Contact from the Contact menu to add a contact. You will need to select a service, destination group, and enter the user name of the contact.
    • To add a contact on a particular service you must have a connected account on that service.

Removing a contact

  1. Select the contact in your Contact List.
  2. Either press ⌘-Delete or right-click on the contact and select Remove or choose Remove Contact from the Contact menu.

Moving contacts

To move a contact to a new group, simply drag it. If you have a "borderless" contact (which includes all of the “Bubbles” window styles) list, you'll need to hold down command in order to initiate the drag.

  • Note: You can not manually reorder contacts if:
    1. You are sorting alphabetically (View → Sort Alphabetically)
    2. You are sorting by status (View → Sort by Status) and View → Configure Status Sort has "Sort within status groups: Alphabetically" selected.

Showing offline contacts

  1. Select Show Offline Contacts from the View menu or hit Shift-⌘-H. Repeat the process to hide offline contacts.
  • Either press ⌘-Delete, or choose Remove Contact from the Contact menu.

Setting a contact's name (alias)

In some situations you may want to change how Adium displays a contact's name in your Contact List. To do this you will need to create an alias for that contact.

  1. Ctrl-Click the desired contact in the Contact List.
  2. Select Get Info from the Contact menu.
  3. Fill in the Alias field under the Settings tab.

Alternatively, add a card for that person in the Address Book (making sure to include their IM usernames), and Adium's Address Book integration feature (on by default) will automatically use that information in the Contact List. This has other benefits; Apple Mail, among other applications, makes use of Address Book's contents for better display as well.

Contact list limits

Most services allow an unlimited number of contacts. Each individual AIM, ICQ, or MobileMe account can have a maximum of 500 contacts. This limit is set by the AOL servers; Adium itself places no limits.