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Status icons

Status icons are small images displayed to the left of each contact on the Contact List and message tabs. These icons convey the overall status of a contact.

Default status icons

The default status icon set is "iBubble Status".

  • available bubble Available
  • idle Idle
  • away bubble Away
  • busy bubble Busy
  • offline bubble Offline
  • unknown bubble Unknown
  • invisible bubble Invisible
  • blocked bubble Blocked
  • typing bubble Typing
  • has entered text bubble Has entered text
  • unviewed content bubble Unviewed content
  • mobile bubble Mobile

What is the "Unknown" status?

The "Unknown" status is used when Adium doesn't know the status of a contact. Depending on the IM service, contacts not on your contact list and users invisible to you may display a status of unknown.

What is the "Typing" status?

The "Typing" status indicates your contact is typing. The icon appears in the contact's tab (if you have multiple chat windows open) or in the top of the chat window (if you have only one chat window open). It also appears in the contact list.

Controlling sent typing notifications

You can disable sending of typing notifications to buddies such that they will not know if you are typing. Go to Preferences, select Accounts, double-click the account you wish to change, select Privacy, and uncheck "Let others know when you are typing".

What is the "Has entered text" status?

The "Has entered text" status is used when a contact has entered text into their message window, but is no longer typing and hasn't sent you the message yet.

Status priority

When multiple status icons are applicable, an icon is chosen in the following order:

  1. Typing
  2. Unviewed content
  3. Has entered Text
  4. Mobile
  5. Idle
  6. Away
  7. Unknown

Creating custom status icons

Information on making custom status icons is available online at "CreatingStatusIcons" on the Adium Wiki.