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Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts in Adium are a great way to save time and navigate through various windows and aspects of Adium. Included here is a list of Keyboard Shortcuts grouped into general topics to make it easy to find the shortcut you need.

Explanation of symbols

For those new to Apple, you may not understand or know the various symbols used here:

  • The ⌘ symbol refers to the Command key. Other names used to refer to this key include "Apple", "Cloverleaf", and even "".
  • The ⇧ symbol refers to the Shift Key.
  • The ⌥ refers to the Option key (sometimes called 'alt' key).
  • The ^ symbol refers to the Control key.
  • The ⇥ symbol refers to the Tab key.

For example: To Show Offline Contacts, you would type ⇧⌘H which means the key combination is shift-command-h. Now that you have the basic information needed to start using keyboard shortcuts, try finding shortcuts below for tasks you do most often.

General Adium shortcuts

⌘/ Show/hide the Contact List
⇧⌘L Open the Transcripts Viewer
⌥⌘L Open the "File Transfers" window
⌥⌘P Open the "Privacy Settings" window
⌘D Open the "Add Contact" window
⌘N Open the "New Chat" window
⇧⌘J Open the "Join Group Chat" window
⇧⌘Y Open the "Custom Status" window
⇧⌘H Show/hide offline contacts

Contact shortcuts

Used when the Contact List is focused.

⌘I Get Info on contact
⌘L Open Transcript Viewer for contact
⌥⌘B Block contact

Startup shortcuts

Note: You must be holding these shortcuts while Adium is launching.

Disable Auto-Connect
Open the "Select User" window

Message window shortcuts

^(⇧)⇥ Switch to next/previous chat tab*

*default setting, further options available in Adium's preferences

(Hey people, there are lots of these, like navigating through tabs and all the options for switching text and stuff talked about in the mailing list) Please add!