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IRC in Adium

This page deals with IRC specialities. General group chat features are explained in GroupChat.

Joining a chat room

  1. Add your account on an IRC server to Adium.
  2. Select "Join Chat..." (⇧⌘J) from the File menu.


You only need to enter a password for IRC servers requiring one to connect. In the case of freenode, identify to nickserv by entering "msg nickserv identify <your-password>", putting your password in the account's preferences will result in a "you are already connected" nickserv error.


Many widely-used IRC commands like /join and /msg work in Adium too, but for ease of use these are accessible from the interface as well:

Command Equivalent action
/join File → Join Group Chat... (⇧⌘J)
/msg File → New Chat... (⌘N)
/whois Contact → Get Info For Contact... (⌥⌘I)
/mode Select the users you want to change the mode for, and use the button below the user list
/motd File → Your IRC Account → View MOTD.