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We’ve been wanting to create Adium tshirts for quite a while, and with 1.0 coming out, I figured this would be a good time to see about getting this rolling. Do you guys have any recommendations for shirt printing places? Sites like cafepress are out — we’re looking for something high quality, and we’re more than able to run our own store.

It’s a plus if you can get us in touch with an employee of the company you’re recommending. It would also be cool if the company printed more than just shirts (mugs, hats, other tchotchkes), but definitely not required.

Update: If you could leave an email address so we can contact you, that would also be really nice.


  1. I know a lot of webcomics use Brunetto Tshirts.

    They onle have tshirts and sweatshirts though.

  2. You should take a look at, always made good quality stuff and a wide variety of it!

  3. You really need to get ’em done by American Apparel.

    1. Sweatshop free
    2. They fit very well
    3. Panic Goods used them too.

  4. As I said in the update to the post, leaving an email address so we can contact you would be really nice.

  5. What about They have a free account that lets you create 1 design for every item in their list and there are dozens of items. I’ve used i before and it’s very easy and relatively cheap.

  6. I’d recommend

  7. Cafepress is horrible quality. I second going the AA route like Panic.

  8. I recommended to one of you guys several months back to order through T.S. Designs. AA material available there and great quality without the negative environmental impacts. Contact Eric Henry and let him know that Ben Rosenthal referred you.

  9. Hey! One request for the t-shirts: I’d like to be able to buy even from Europe. I’m from Romania and I usually can’t buy stuff from other countries.

  10. I know that most bands use American Apparel for their shirts, so I would definately check them out.

  11. is worth a look, too.
    they are very popular in europe.. and i think their site is multilingual.

  12. I don’t like the duck icon. It’s too silly, and very un-cool. I would suggest you asking jesper to put some of his creativity in it:


  13. I mean ask him to put a little more effort in it…

  14. Jesper has nothing to do with the Adium duck. It was designed by Adam Betts. A long time ago Jesper added some toolbar icons for Adium’s preference, but I don’t think we’re using those any more.

    If you don’t like the duck, come up with an alternative and create a Dock Icon Xtra for it.

  15. Or use one of the many Dock icon packs already available on the site. 🙂

  16. My mom does stuff like that. She owns the company
    (her contact information is on the page)
    (and my email is m0nkzch4n at yahoo)

  17. Hi –
    Our company, Tuxedo Ranch, provides all types of high-quality custom apparel and promotions. Custom printing and embroidery.

    We can provide American Apparel options and many other brand-name, high quality apparel items.

    Please shoot me an email:


  18. And if you don’t like the duck on the shirt, make your own

  19. Ben already noted that Business Builders is a good source. (thx)
    I work with organizations to find the best items to meet the objectives. It can be shirts, mugs, bags, toys, writing instruments or any item that fits the requirements.
    We don’t really sell much on line because we would rather communicate with our clients to find exactly the best solutions.
    But if it is shirts you want, we can find one that fits your needs. From American Apparel, if budget allows, or basics or trendy styles. We can also identify different imprint techniques that best depict your image.
    Let me know if you want to work with us. carol at

  20. Idea, you can do a custom rubber duck exactly like your duck and have a duck race event at one of the tradeshows or user conferences. It could be a lot of fun and maybe even be a fund raiser for a worthy cause.
    We have done rubber duck races for clients in the past. Fun!

  21. As some users said, it should be worldwide shipping.
    Many users don’t live in USA.

  22. I’ve used to print a wide variety of things, from coasters to shirts. And if you use them, I can act as your local rep. You can email me at

  23. I am a tshirt designer for a company called Camp David in Kansas City. We custom make all of our garments. We offer high quality apparel at competitive prices. Interested in a free

  24. Have you got ideas of what you want your t-shirts to looks like? I know I tend to prefer a white t-shirt with the main design on the back, complimented by a small image on the front – but that’s me 🙂

    As to designs I can imagine the Adium duck in large accompanied by smaller variations of the duck below it.

  25. Something like American Apparel, please. I would prefer our duck to be sweatshop-free!

  26. Yo yo yo
    My main man Bilal runs a T-Shirt printery. He’s small-time with solid aspirations and a good business man.

  27. I want an Adium T-Shirt but I live in Brazil, how can we do?
    My e-mail address is

  28. I made a desktop image for myself with a whole bunch of the different ducks all around an apple (a bit the concept of those T-shirts with kids all around the world). I kept a high-quality version of the image just in case I wanted to use it for more than a desktop image.
    I would gladly contribute it if you like it.

  29. Hi, I am from Germany and I think I can speak for all not americans that an international solution or a few companies to buy the shirts in different countries woul be the hit.

    my mail:

  30. I have been talking to place that will print, store and ship – even print on demand for reasonable prices if time is an issue. Approximately $6 printed and stored, and US delivery is $3.99 per.

    Alternatively, you can order a thousand or more for $1 to $2 per shirt, printed and shipped (by boat from China). We chose this option considering price.

  31. I have done multiple custom t-shirts through

    They have done a great job for me, the shirts are very professional, and they are cheap enough that I’ve been able to sell them for $5/shirt and make money!

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    both are very good companys and do amazing work! let me know if i can help… design… whatever yall need!

  35. I’m voting for Brunetto, as linked at the start. Have had a couple of tshirts printed by them – Dinosaur Comics ones, actually – and the print quality is excellent and hard-wearing, plus the material is thick and the sizes are standard, so no surprises!

    One caveat is that the dyes have tended to leak; fading’s not been too much of a problem, but they’ve needed to be washed separately for some time. They’re hardly the only tshirts I own that have done that to me, though.

    Whatever happens, please don’t go with a company that prints on Gildan-brand shirts, the sizes are very small and the quality is atrocious.

  36. Not sure if it’s too late, but is also very good and personable.

    info@ should get to them.

  37. this post 1.5 years old now. But I cant seem to find any official Adium shirt.
    (I could use a store that let’s me upload the adium logo, but that’s not benefiting the project)

    Is there a official shirt in any store anywhere?

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