Adium mentioned in BusinessWeek

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What’s left? Microsoft Messenger, but most Mac users eschew it in favor of iChat, which supports both AOL’s instant messenger and GoogleTalk, or AdiumX, which supports more or less every instant-messaging scheme under the sun, including Microsoft’s. …

OK, it’s in passing, but it’s still cool. ☺

Thanks to Dan Weeks for the heads-up!


  1. Nice, congrats 🙂

    They’re kinda wrong there though, in my opinion Microsoft Messenger is the best chat network out there right now, with custom smileys, personal messages (only reason I still use aMSN), nudges and whatnot. As soon as Adium has nudges and personal messages though, I guess everybody will finally switch over. Getting pretty tired of aMSN myself.

  2. Anonymous: Personal messages are just the same thing as status messages. Every service has them. They’re not unique to MSN; only our non-support is (that is, we support them on all other services).

  3. Hey, with your most recent update, you also got mentioned on the german tech news page ( I am not reading every post, but it is very PC-centered, so heads up… you are rocking the business 😉

  4. Too bad IRC isn’t under-the-sun. libpurple supports, but Adium says “no thanks, guv’na” and requires some other tool.

    Looking for a group discussion system that Adium supports… apparently Jabber group-discussion isn’t so good server-side.

  5. anonymous, IRC support is coming in the future 🙂

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