Adium 1.1.3

Happy Sunday! Adium 1.1.3 is now available. This bugfix + feature release fixes a number of major and minor problems with previous versions. Notably, crashes in the transcript viewer and events editor are fixed, MSN now works again using the HTTP connect method (needed in many firewalled environments; this was broken by a change to the MSN servers), and Yahoo group chat rooms work again (previously broken by a change to the Yahoo servers).

A couple of the upcoming changes for Adium 1.2 are included in this release, as well: a subsection of the XMPP improvements see the light of day for Adium now rather than later, and the MySpace instant messaging service is now available.

As always, see the Version History for the full changes list.

Adium 1.1.3 is a recommended upgrade for all users of Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

A lot goes into every Adium release, from testing to coding to support. We’re a friendly and active development and user community, but we always want for more hands, eyes, and minds. That means you! Remember, Adium is free, open source software, coded entirely by volunteers. See Contributing to Adium for how you can submit patches and code, help hunt down bugs, and donate! Thanks as always for the continued support of our excellent site and code host NetworkRedux and our download host CacheFly!


  1. Thank you sooooooooooo much for the msn http update, now i can finally logon at school again.
    good luck on v1.2 🙂

  2. Great work guys!! I love adium and I think it really helps everyone who uses it.

    The Adium team is doing some really good work.

    Thanks for the updates and all the work you all put into it.

  3. Well, whatever you guys did to “improve” AIM file transfer made it fail instantly all the time now.

  4. hey guys! i’m searching for an ‘birthday reminder’ as u can find in icq. is there something similar available in adium?


  5. YEAH thanks for msn support!! You guys are really the best =) I love adium, thank you !!

  6. I have adium 1.1.1, but when i check for new updates it says that 1.1.1 is the newest version of adium.

  7. Same here. still says 1.1.1 is the newest version available.

  8. I had problems with Keychain with the transition to the new version — once I click to allow Adium access to the same keychain items as the previous version, the process stalls out.

  9. Me too – I had to revert to the previous version because of the keychain issue.

  10. You know, I would DEFINITELY appreciate it (as i’m sure hundreds and thousands of others would) if Adium could finally support video chat across other clients that are capable of doing so. Here’s to hoping you guys make it possible.

  11. akma and anonymous, the keychain access in Adium has not changed in this version (or any recent version). You’re having an issue with your keychain. You may find that has information which can help.

  12. you forgot to update the beta page

  13. my contact list doesnt like to update anymore. it show’s when people have said something, but it doesnt go away when i read the message. it also doesnt show status changes or when people get online unless i reload the program. any help?

  14. Will the developers continue to release 10.3-compatible versions? I think at the very least there should be one more update after libpurple fully supports MSNP14, so that Panther-users can enjoy that and MySpace. Keep up the good work.

  15. @kahlil

    I’m not a dev but, 10.3 support is dead. I could be wrong but the only way they would release an update to AdiumX on the 10.3.X platform would be if their was a huge bug in Adium.

    10.3 has been around for a long time and (I personally think) it’s time for an upgrade. Also supporting, now 3, versions of OS X just sounds like that would be to much work. This (I assume) delays what the devs really want to do which would be, adding more features and maintaining a code base that’s not years old.

    Now these are just assumptions, I have no idea if anything I said is correct in any sense.

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