I’ve been getting a lot of questions about this since Andreas’ blog post went up, so I think everyone deserves a bit of explanation of what the MeBeam video plugin is and isn’t.

The MeBeam plug-in is:

  1. Pretty spiffy 🙂
  2. Developed almost entirely by a third party
  3. Primarily web-based

The MeBeam plug-in is not:

  1. A product of the Adium Team (Andreas works on it, but not as part of Adium—he works on it separately from the Adium Project)
  2. The long-awaited Adium video chat solution
  3. Taking any development resources at all away from that solution (the plugin is extremely simple)
  4. Included with Adium by default


  1. yeah, some people its kinda picky, i wanted to ask you is there anychance? to help to make the Mebeam webpage, better? its kinda ugly rite now!

    let me know!

  2. calemind, you should direct that question to the MeBeam developers, not us.

  3. My impression is that MeBeam is, essentially, freely hosting this AV service for us Adium users (and for users of other IM clients too, btw). That means we are guests with MeBeam if we choose to use the service.

    That said, my own brief observations of the MeBeam forums lead me to think that MeBeam’s developer and it’s primary long-term user community are sincere and of reasonable integrity.

    My comment here would be the same as it was at the MeBeam forums; give the Adium/MeBeam relationship time to mature. I suspect this collaboration, given time, will likely prove to be sufficiently rewarding and useful for many of us, regardless as to other AV development in Adium.

  4. First off, I’m sorry if my post was unclear, I didn’t intend to cause any mistunderstandings.

    The mebeam developer I’m in contact with tells me that they relay multiple TB of data per day (still rising) originating solely from Adium, I’m very grateful for their support (it also explains why everyone else tries to use direct p2p connections for VoIP).

    Further, the mebeam team is working on a way to customize the visual appearance of the flash plugin for every project using it, I’ll definitely look into this once this feature is available.

  5. I’ve been using your video service for a week now, and I am suitably impressed. Congratulations Adium, on agreat piece of technology.

  6. So is Adium coming up its own Video conferencing technology (as was mentioned before)? Or is MeBeam going to be the only way to video chat?

  7. I can’t understand people in this matter. Someone is providing you a free service that is really great (Adium). They accept third-party help from someone else trying to make this free piece of software even nicer, but people feel they have the right to not only complain, but be rude about it in the process. Just report any bugs or issues, and be a little grateful that life is so damn easy that this is all you have wrong in your lives right now!

  8. the adium team has been quite for a while, smells like a 1.2 cooking!

  9. “I can’t understand people in this matter.”

    I agree with you 100%. Hey folks, Adium and the 3rd party developers are doing a good thing here. If parts don’t work, just let people know. Let’s drop the attitudes and help each other out.

    As my wife would say, “let’s work it out”.

  10. sorry, did you have read this:
    and this


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