Facebook Chat in Adium

Good news, Facebook fans! I’ve just finished adding Facebook Chat support to Adium for the next release 🙂

Facebook Screenshot


  1. Please note that the comments section of the blog is the wrong place to report problems; we will *not* respond to and or follow up to bug reports here. The correct place is Trac.
    Ask for support in the forums.

    Apart from that, this issue has been resolved in Trunk. Please be patient and wait for the upcoming b4. 🙂

  2. Help! I can’t figure out how to add/use Facebook im’ing with my Adium acccount! I’ve searched here and Google, and even the Adium page on Facebook…when I go to add a new account, I see an option for MySpace IM, but not for Facebook. Please help! Thanks so much!

  3. Hi,

    1.3b4 installed, and personal Adium settings folder nuked. Added my msn and icq accounts back in, but no facebook im network icon appears in the ‘add account’ preferences pane.


  4. Hi, same problem as Andy D, only my personal settings seemed to still work just fine. No Facebook IM network option in the “add account” preference pane. Thanks!

  5. Hi, jCas

    To confirm, the upgrade didn’t trash my personal settings, I deliberately removed them to see if this would cause the facebook settings to appear.


  6. It appears in 1.3b5 — well done everyone.

  7. Quick question, is facebook chat jabber based? If so, was this integrated using jabber protocol, or some other way to connect via HTML/javascript?

    great work!

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  9. What contact list theme is that?

  10. Adium crashes every time I try to log into FB. I’m using the latest beta, and a while ago installed the plugin. Is there a way I can manually delete it? Thanks!

  11. I just deleted: /Users/UserName/Library/Application Support/Adium 2.0/PlugIns/Facebook.AdiumPlugin and no more crashes! 🙂

  12. Great! I can’t wait for facebook too. Adium is a superstar compared to other patches I’ve tried. THANKS!

  13. hello!!

  14. hello!! some one there!!!!


  16. Hi there,

    Thanks for making this work – it’s awesome. However, now with the new facebook enabled, it no longer works. I get the authentication window over and over. Returning to the “old” facebook made it work again. Just thought you might want to know.

  17. Facebook support is great but apart from an app somebody has written to read proteus logs, is there anything yet to import Proteus contact lists into Adium? I can’t believe this hasn’t been done yet and will have to give up hope of using Adium unless this is on the cards pretty soon =(

  18. Yes – I found the same thing as Lukas – doesn’t work with New Facebook, but does work with Old facebook. Thanks Lukas for figuring that one out.

  19. Hmm for me it doesn’t even work on old facebook. Always have to relogin.

  20. Not connecting to Facebook, using Mac ibook g4. Connected the first day and then nothing after that

  21. Hey.
    The facebook feature is erronous in the new release 1.3.1b2 of adium.
    Whenever someone chats with me in facebook, that message is posted over and over without end in adium.
    I tried to access the TRAC support thing, but getting a “500 – Internal Server Error”

  22. Yes, the latest version causes me to have to continuously relog into FaceBook. Needless to say, I have disabled it, even though I would much rather have a normal chat client for facebook that didn’t interrupt things so much there.

  23. When i’m signed into Adium and then want to check facebook (not for IM purposes) i have to constantly login over and over again. and Adium seems to sign itself in and out of facebook chat when i try to sign into Facebook too…

    same as the above person really…

  24. hello, i’m signed into Adium, ive the account for facebook but i cannot serch any new contact from it.. there’s any solution for that problem? tks

  25. Same problem as Antonio…
    I’m signed into Adium with my Facebook account (email). Don’t see any of my friend online (made a test with another friend who’s using the Facebook chat on the web), can’t even add a contact (the item is greyed). All I can do is change my Facebook status with the menu item Social Network.

    Using Adium 1.3.2 (in french).

  26. this is just awesome, i love adium, I can’t believe this feature has been there for months and I didn’t even know about it!

    Great work! You made my day 🙂

  27. I have the same issues as drpcp adn yrnewfriendsam. Its frustrating

  28. Is there going to be an update for this to work with the new facebook? Whenever someone sends me a message, it doesn’t show up in adium, only on facebook in the web browser. But any message I send goes through, but I still don’t see their reply.

  29. i’m having a similar problem, but my messages aren’t sending.

  30. I can send messages to people in facebook, but i dont recieve them on the adium window. just on the facebook browser window.

  31. please help?

  32. Adium and Safari 3.2.1 apparently don’t play nicely with facebook. If I have adium open, I get logged out on every different page I visit in FB. Also, when I re-login at FB, Adium disconnects (apparently) and re-connects to the FB messaging service (I can here it log in)

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