Facebook Chat in Adium

Good news, Facebook fans! I’ve just finished adding Facebook Chat support to Adium for the next release :)

Facebook Screenshot

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I love Adium every day!!!! and my friends too!

  2. Ben Says:

    Great! Very fast indeed!

  3. Teegan Says:

    YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!! YOU GUYS ROCK! Facebook did a terrible thing when they made chat. You just reversed the problem!

  4. William Says:

    awesome news!

  5. Zac West Says:

    Buy him some beer ladies and gentlemen.

  6. mario Says:

    That or hate him forever! just what i need more people in my contact list that i never talk to!

    Just kidding! :P (sort of) nice to see Adium keeping up to date

  7. Anonymous Says:

    yes please!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Is this going into 1.2.6, or do we have to wait for 1.3?

  9. Zac West Says:

    We aren’t planning on a 1.2.6 release before 1.3.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    According to this

    It was RE so does that mean pidgin will receive this aswell or just adium specific?

  11. Antoine Says:

    Yay great news!
    Any idea on when we would get this?

  12. Brandon Says:

    Cheers Evan, and Zac, and whoever else chipped in. Works great so far!

  13. Håvard Pedersen Says:

    Nice! This is the reason I love Adium. Rapid development. :)

    Now, if you could only fix the broken MSN so it doesn’t swallow offline messages….

  14. Dimmuxx Says:

    Very nice work. :)

    @Håvard: The libpurple branch with msnp15 + uncommited patches is stable enough for normal use and much more reliable than the old msnp9 version in my experience with them both. So hopefully it will be enabled in time for 1.3.

  15. Panos Laganakos Says:

    Thanks alot. Now I won’t have to keep open, for friends that don’t use any other form for IM.

  16. Eli Says:

    I’ve compiled a nightly build that includes this for anyone that wants to try it out. Details here:

  17. Ω Says:

    Excellent! This is fantastic news!

    Great work, Adium team!

  18. Rahul Says:

    Hey there, great work!

    I did have three questions:
    1) can the Facebook chat api deliver the offline contacts information?
    2) can we bind Facebook contacts into the metacontacts we have in groups other than the “Facebook” group?
    3) is there anyway to have one’s facebook status used as one’s global status setting? I set my facebook status via twitter, so just using twitter would work as well; I haven’t checked to see if Adium can just monitor one’s Twitter status…

    Anyway, thanks again!


  19. zac Says:

    1) The chat stuff can’t, but the normal facebook API could, probably. But I don’t think we’d implement it—the API is an extra-added layer of annoyance.

    2) Yep.

    3) We’re currently talking about how we want the “social networking status” to behave, with talks about how we’d integrate Twitter into Adium. I’m of the opinion—and I’ll probably implement it this way—that Twitter friends should be contact list entries, but that mostly relies upon having a status events window/log. We’ll see.

  20. [In:TkZ] Says:

    You are awesome! I love Adium!!!

  21. Liam Says:

    Eli’s build works! Try it out!

  22. XcoRpi Says:

    And support for IM protocol?

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  24. zac Says:

    Myspace IM has been in Adium for several releases now.

  25. Peter Hosey Says:

    does that mean pidgin will receive this aswell or just adium specific?

    It’s Adium-specific. I don’t know whether the Pidgin team are also planning to add an implementation.

  26. Beau Giles Says:

    Sweet! Great news :-)
    Now if Adium could just add inbuilt Windows Live A/V support, Offline Messaging and Personal Messages, I’ll be dumping Messenger for Mac & iChat.


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  29. Colin Says:

    mo7amed, are you just announcing what this thread is for Arabic users? From my limited Arabic, that’s what it seems like. If so, شكرا جزيلا

  30. LoveyDovey Says:

    “…with talks about how we’d integrate Twitter into Adium.”

    Saawwweeeeeeetttt. Adium Devs Rule. and of course Pidgin devs too.

    “And support for IM protocol?”

    Are you serious!?

  31. Philip Morton Says:

    What happens where you’re actually on Facebook? Can you be ‘Offline’ on the site, but online in Adium?

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  33. Henri Watson Says:


    *uses Eli`s Release :D *

  34. Nick Catalano Says:

    We have a pretty big group called “Make Facebook IM OPEN with XMPP (aka Jabber)” going on Facebook
    Hopefully Adium will not have to rely on Facebook’s closed API for much longer

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  36. Nik Says:

    Is there any hope of QQ just working without having to find a server and port info? The QQ for Mac application at just works without needing to add such things. I am sure Adium could make QQ protocol just work too, no? If you need a QQ number to test, you can get them for free in English now at

  37. mark Says:

    @Eli i’ve tried the facebook implementation on your nightly build – it appears that there is a major bug in it.
    for example: after it has been connected for a certain period of time it simply refuses to update who is on/offline. i have confirmed by logging onto my facebook account and comparing the people online in chat to those listed in adium.

  38. Zac West Says:

    The update is only polled every 3 minutes, I think. This is the same amount of time the facebook website uses. It is not a push/pull status updating system.

  39. mark Says:

    sorry that was my point it stops updating – has been left for over an hour without updating to the new online contacts

  40. Shane Says:

    @Mark I’m not seeing this issue with Eli’s build – my Facebook contacts are connecting/disconnecting and Adium continues to work, showing a relatively accurate (within the 3min window) of people online.


  41. Zac West Says:

    It’s possible the connection was in some way interrupted. I don’t think there’s any error recovery in that department yet.

  42. Guillaume Moigneu Says:

    Here is a new nighty build (08-05-11) with the icon issue solved:

  43. Guillaume Moigneu Says:

    Adium avec plugin Facebook…

    Alors que l’équipe vient d’annoncer l’arrivée prochaine du chat Facebook au sein de cette merveilleuse application, je vous est concocté une petite nighty build aux oignons (08-05-11) :

    Télécharger Adium avec le plugin Facebook……

  44. HaDAk Says:

    Oh, god, please no. I don’t want to be *that* accessible.

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  46. mousseman Says:

    And now for Twitter support….Twitterific sucks.

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  50. kmkl Says:

    I was just thinking about this!!

    great idea guys!

  51. Alberto Says:

    Wow!!! Cool! Thanks to the developers!!!

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  53. Salamander Says:

    Cool little addition, here’s to hoping for adium 2.0 to come along nice and quick. all the clients with video support are GARBAGE.

  54. Marcus Says:

    “And now for Twitter support….Twitterific sucks.”

    Hopefully Adium devs won’t BASE 64 encode your password!

  55. ffg Says:

    heh, it seems this effort was not needed: B-)

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  58. Eli Says:

    Evan has squashed the login bug, so I’ve got a new build up.

  59. James Low Says:

    Awesome, great work! One thing though, I think the buddy icons in the contact list should be the sqaure thumbnail profile pics from facebook.

  60. Tina Says:

    Still waiting for a proteus importer before I make the switch over to Adium…any idea how much longer it will be?

  61. DF Says:

    You may be interested in this:

  62. Robby Says:

    Tina, how about this

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  64. tom Says:

    yeah facebook rules

  65. QQ user Says:

    It would be good if the QQ login still worked like it used to a few weeks ago – updated protocol, procedure etc

  66. Peter W Says:

    You are my hero(es)

  67. jackie Says:

    what happened with facebook? i was having trouble with it connecting so i re-installed adium and now its completely gone? i have the latest version and everything… is it something you guys are working on?

  68. Jeremy Nicoll Says:

    Just so you know, I’m having issues when I log into Facebook. Seems that Facebook does not like having me logged in at two places or something. I can access it just fine until I log into Facebook and then it kicks Adium off the network.

  69. keiron Says:

    So when is 1.3 expected to be officially released?

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  71. VanillaIcee Says:

    Here’s a version that can be used on 1.2.5+ (instead of having to download 1.3svn)

  72. Evan Schoenberg Says:

    @Jeremy Nicoll: As far as I can tell, it’s not possible to be logged into the Facebook Chat web interface (which is what Adium also uses) in two locations, and logging in via Adium counts as a location.

  73. Christoph Says:

    Thank you Vanilla Ice!

  74. Jason Says:

    @JeremyNicoll The behavior I have been getting is that while logged into Facebook with Adium, and then going to the Facebook website after a while Facebook website logs me out. It does this even if I turn chat off in the website. In case it matters, I use Firefox 3.

  75. noob749 Says:


  76. Christian BS Says:

    Jason, this happens with any browser. it is to do with the conflict of being logged-in in 2 places at once.

  77. HellRaiser Says:

    It seems that I have some problem with this…
    I installed the plugin (doubleclicked on the plugin), and then it sais that it worked well.
    When I try to find Facebook under the add account-menu, I cannot see it. Is there some settings wich have to be done?

  78. Amber Says:

    Oh goodie! :] If I could hug the Adium duckie, I would right now. Means I can actually stay in touch with my non-IM friends.
    But I do have a question, with Adium right now… if another user logs on with your name, it kicks you (naturally). Would it do the same if you log into Facebook? Just a curious thought.


  79. Dan Says:

    This might be a bug: when I’m logged in, I can send messages and see who’s online, but I never receive messages. Any ideas?

  80. Alex Says:

    Awesome, Thanks Evan.

  81. Ryan Says:

    I know that OS X’s Address Book doesn’t support Facebook contacts, but is there any way you could trick it (put something in the Notes field, idk) such that Facebook contacts who also have AIM screen names (for one example) show up as one entry in the contact list?

  82. Mike Says:

    oh my god. the odds of me getting my masters has just been sliced in half.

    thank you.

  83. Joe Says:

    …so when is the nex release of Adium comming out?

  84. Anthony Says:

    How about reading…..

    It says Adium is never releasing a new version! ;)

  85. Mr_doe Says:


  86. bulelwa Says:

    im sorry. im very un-techy but i love both adium and facebook, so how do i get to use facebook chat on adium? help will be much appreciated

  87. davidavdavid Says:

    Facebook Chat, much like Genesis, worked six days for me, and on the seventh it just stopped working altogether. The status window says it is connected. I cannot initiate any conversations, but when i am chatted via Facebook, an adium message window pops up with an 8 digit number rather than the Facebook name of the person. A Facebook group is not created in the contact list, and I get a yellow service sphere in the tab at the bottom of the message window.

    Since I am 1.3b3, can i infer from this that something has changed on Facebook’s end?

  88. Jose Luis Says:

    The same problem as daviavdavid….. 1.3b3 and no Facebook contacts list, and “contact as numbers” when someone speaks to me

  89. Samuel SEO Montreal Says:

    wow ! very great feature ! thanks for adding that and keep your it up for the new 1.3 series development ! :)

  90. Alan Says:

    mine stopped working also, my facebook contacts will not show up

  91. elleff Says:

    No worky for me either, it was working about a week ago but now struggles to logon and there are no contacts when it does.

    It was great when it did work though, well done, good luck developing a fix!

  92. C. Spencer Beggs Says:

    I had the exact same experience as davidavdavid did. I was wonderful while it lasted.

  93. philip Says:

    Same problem. The facebook account says it’s connected, but there is absolutely no facebook contact list anywhere to be found. It worked for about a week. Nice try guys. I enjoyed it while it lasted. Let us know when it’s fixed.

  94. Alex Says:

    Same behavior here as davidavdavid.

  95. HellRaiser Says:

    Hmm..This login-problem began after I installed v1.3b3.
    So I hope there will be an update ASAP

  96. jose Says:

    yea fix itt man come on :D

  97. Shawna Says:

    I just downloaded Adium a few days ago and so far I love it. I am also on Facebook all the time and love the idea of the Facebook chat being integrated into Adium, I can’t seem to make this happen. Can you please let me know exactly what it is I need to do? I went into the Add accounts tab but the Facebook logo is not there…help!

    Thank you

  98. John Says:

    Just installed 1.3b3 – Facebook chat also broken here as described above. Noone shown as online, anyone who talks to me has an 8 digit number in place of their name, and the yellow sphere next to their name in the IM window. Hope it’s fixed soon as it would be a killer feature!

  99. jeremy Says:

    Yep, also broken for me, with the same symptoms as described by davidavdavid above.
    Really looking forward to seeing this working again :)

  100. AdiumK Says:

    I, too, am having the problem described by some above — Adium will log into Facebook, but no contacts come up — but also I cannot receive messages in Adium from FB friends who try to send FB Chats my way. The only evidence I have that FB is connected is that it shows up as so in the menu. Looking forward to having this working, and I will happily play guinea pig for any/all developers who need a good solid super-user in the house.

  101. Robby Says:

    Please note that the comments section of the blog is the wrong place to report problems; we will *not* respond to and or follow up to bug reports here. The correct place is Trac.
    Ask for support in the forums.

    Apart from that, this issue has been resolved in Trunk. Please be patient and wait for the upcoming b4. :)

  102. westcoast021 Says:

    Help! I can’t figure out how to add/use Facebook im’ing with my Adium acccount! I’ve searched here and Google, and even the Adium page on Facebook…when I go to add a new account, I see an option for MySpace IM, but not for Facebook. Please help! Thanks so much!

  103. Andy D Says:


    1.3b4 installed, and personal Adium settings folder nuked. Added my msn and icq accounts back in, but no facebook im network icon appears in the ‘add account’ preferences pane.


  104. JCas Says:

    Hi, same problem as Andy D, only my personal settings seemed to still work just fine. No Facebook IM network option in the “add account” preference pane. Thanks!

  105. Andy D Says:

    Hi, jCas

    To confirm, the upgrade didn’t trash my personal settings, I deliberately removed them to see if this would cause the facebook settings to appear.


  106. Andy D Says:

    It appears in 1.3b5 — well done everyone.

  107. Fernando Medina Says:

    Quick question, is facebook chat jabber based? If so, was this integrated using jabber protocol, or some other way to connect via HTML/javascript?

    great work!

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  109. Ben Says:

    What contact list theme is that?

  110. Guy Says:

    Adium crashes every time I try to log into FB. I’m using the latest beta, and a while ago installed the plugin. Is there a way I can manually delete it? Thanks!

  111. Guy Says:

    I just deleted: /Users/UserName/Library/Application Support/Adium 2.0/PlugIns/Facebook.AdiumPlugin and no more crashes! :-)

  112. Anthony Says:

    Great! I can’t wait for facebook too. Adium is a superstar compared to other patches I’ve tried. THANKS!

  113. mar Says:


  114. mar Says:

    hello!! some one there!!!!

  115. Alex Says:


  116. Lukas Says:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for making this work – it’s awesome. However, now with the new facebook enabled, it no longer works. I get the authentication window over and over. Returning to the “old” facebook made it work again. Just thought you might want to know.

  117. Tina Says:

    Facebook support is great but apart from an app somebody has written to read proteus logs, is there anything yet to import Proteus contact lists into Adium? I can’t believe this hasn’t been done yet and will have to give up hope of using Adium unless this is on the cards pretty soon =(

  118. Tim Says:

    Yes – I found the same thing as Lukas – doesn’t work with New Facebook, but does work with Old facebook. Thanks Lukas for figuring that one out.

  119. Phil Says:

    Hmm for me it doesn’t even work on old facebook. Always have to relogin.

  120. Michael Says:

    Not connecting to Facebook, using Mac ibook g4. Connected the first day and then nothing after that

  121. Tiger Says:

    The facebook feature is erronous in the new release 1.3.1b2 of adium.
    Whenever someone chats with me in facebook, that message is posted over and over without end in adium.
    I tried to access the TRAC support thing, but getting a “500 – Internal Server Error”

  122. drpcp Says:

    Yes, the latest version causes me to have to continuously relog into FaceBook. Needless to say, I have disabled it, even though I would much rather have a normal chat client for facebook that didn’t interrupt things so much there.

  123. yrnewfriendsam Says:

    When i’m signed into Adium and then want to check facebook (not for IM purposes) i have to constantly login over and over again. and Adium seems to sign itself in and out of facebook chat when i try to sign into Facebook too…

    same as the above person really…

  124. antonino Says:

    hello, i’m signed into Adium, ive the account for facebook but i cannot serch any new contact from it.. there’s any solution for that problem? tks

  125. Eric Says:

    Same problem as Antonio…
    I’m signed into Adium with my Facebook account (email). Don’t see any of my friend online (made a test with another friend who’s using the Facebook chat on the web), can’t even add a contact (the item is greyed). All I can do is change my Facebook status with the menu item Social Network.

    Using Adium 1.3.2 (in french).

  126. glenn kentwell Says:

    this is just awesome, i love adium, I can’t believe this feature has been there for months and I didn’t even know about it!

    Great work! You made my day :)

  127. matt Says:

    I have the same issues as drpcp adn yrnewfriendsam. Its frustrating

  128. Jan Says:

    Is there going to be an update for this to work with the new facebook? Whenever someone sends me a message, it doesn’t show up in adium, only on facebook in the web browser. But any message I send goes through, but I still don’t see their reply.

  129. Matt Says:

    i’m having a similar problem, but my messages aren’t sending.

  130. Tyler Zhang Says:

    I can send messages to people in facebook, but i dont recieve them on the adium window. just on the facebook browser window.

  131. Tyler Zhang Says:

    please help?

  132. tiny-e Says:

    Adium and Safari 3.2.1 apparently don’t play nicely with facebook. If I have adium open, I get logged out on every different page I visit in FB. Also, when I re-login at FB, Adium disconnects (apparently) and re-connects to the FB messaging service (I can here it log in)