Facebook chat change

Due to what appears to be a protocol change, Facebook chat is currently not working. The author of our Facebook plugin is working on a fix. We’ll keep you posted on any new releases that fix it.

In the meantime, feel free to send Facebook some feedback about wanting an official (as in, we don’t mimic the web browser) Facebook chat protocol. If they implement something that isn’t subject to breaking, we’d be able to avoid problems such as this.

86 Responses to “Facebook chat change”

  1. erikagwen Says:

    I wondered what was going on….thanks

  2. Nick Says:

    Any idea how long this might go on for? Very annoyed , i love adium, and leave it running in the background most of the day at work and at home…I avoid the browser whenever I can

  3. H5N1 Says:

    yeah, thanks for keeping us updated, and telling us so promptly! and for doing an amazing job in general.

  4. c14 h30 Says:

    thanks for the update! if only the people at facebook took a cue from you guys and didn’t suck (then my procrastination time would be a lot less stressful)


  5. Will Says:

    You know, I’m so delighted to have the feature at all that the occasional bit of downtime doesn’t bother me. I’m glad the plugin author is working on it, and I’ve done my part to request an API for chat, but I have trouble getting bent out of shape at the makers of the best chat client around, which happens to be free. Thanks, Guys and Gals of Adium.

  6. Josh Says:

    Thank you so much Adium Team. I’ve also sent a request to Facebook to get their act together though I doubt they will anytime soon. They can’t even decide on a consistent interface for more then a few months.

  7. Tanveer Says:

    Thanks for the speedy update … i was beginning to panic ;) !

  8. Keaton Says:

    XMPP enough said….

  9. michaeljonesbird Says:

    thanks for the quick update on this, been pissing me off all day. You guys definitely are the best chat client around tho, so i’m sure you’ll figure it out.

  10. GoldnI Says:

    Thank you! I figured it was an issue on Facebook’s end, not yours. But I love being able to access it from Adium so I don’t have to be in the browser all the time.

  11. Josh Says:

    The Facebook guys announced about a year ago that they would implement full xmpp support (in their dev blog), but I guess they are like most politicians…

  12. rotocamel Says:

    I agree that we appreciate the quick news update. Is there any idea when this can be fixed? It’s so difficult when we come to rely on adium so much and then a key piece of it doesn’t work….

  13. keithmcmason Says:

    Hi there, just got caught in the captcha issue. Thx for the fast status update. Was already worried about my system… oh wait… I’ve got a Mac… nevermind! :-)

  14. Vex Says:

    Thanks for the update. I’ll be eagerly awaiting a fix!! Thanks for providing Adium, its by far the best chat client going around. I consider it a requirement for any mac I touch :)

  15. Sandi Says:

    This has been a problem for me since Mid September . . . it would be great if Adium & FB could finally work together and solve this problem.

  16. Rob Says:

    Thank so much Adium. I hope the Facebook plugin author kicks the problems butt. I also made a suggestion to facebook. maybe some of it will get through to them

  17. raymond nirnberger Says:

    Id just like to say thanks to the developer working on this. Its so great being able to use facebook chat in adium. i really love it, and was going crazy when it stopped working. thanks a lot!

  18. Daniel MacKay Says:

    I’m happy to write a note to Facebook — I left a long-ish note here:

    and included the URL of this page.

  19. Luke Dyson Says:

    Facebook’s service is appalling at the best of times; don’t really understand why they offer such services when they continue to break them at every given opportunity!

    If I did this where I worked I would have got a massive slap and even got fired!

  20. Ruben Says:

    I hope you can fix this soon, I really enjoyed the functionality. And then maybe it is possible to make the AdiumAddress Book integration work for Facebook too?

  21. Martin Reed Says:

    I also left the following message, snipping various bits of supporting information from the messages previously left on this page:

    “Please implement reliable chat protocol/API

    I access my various chat programs, including FB chat, through Adium on a Mac Mini. For at least a month now it has been driving me nuts to keep losing connection to FB chat and to keep getting a “Facebook Captcha” message asking for my date of birth, which I enter correctly as YY for the year, MM for the month and DD for the day. It then either (apparently randomly) either asks me for the same information again or then asks me for my password, but instead of letting me back in after receiving my password, just goes straight back to the captcha. Even shutting Adium down and restarting does not fix the problem.

    I always use Adium chat in preference to the browser because I have a 3×3 grid of virtual screens with any browser windows all in the same screen, and am in the browser just a small percentage of the time. FB chat in the browser does not bounce the browser icon or send a growl alert, so I never see FB chat messages in the browser until way later. Also, I do not have anything plugged into the headphone socket, so I do not hear the audio notification. Adium, on the other hand, bounces the icon in the dock at the bottom of the screen AND puts a number representing the number of chat messages received at the top of the screen.

    Apparently it was announced about a year ago on the FB dev blog that full xmpp support would be implemented. Please hurry up and implement a standard that works and is reliable. My FB chat just loses connection all the time, even without the captcha, whereas the Yahoo, AOL, ICQ and GTalk connection in Adium plus the MSN and Skype connections in their own apps are rock solid.
    I also keep getting logged out of Facebook proper all the time, and this has only happened in the last 2-3 months. I presume that the two are related.

    Thanks in advance for a speedy resolution to the problem.

    Martin Reed

  22. Lucian Says:

    Thanks for the warning.

    I remember the Meebo folks getting a warning from Facebook that they didn’t do the right thing (they used libpurple’s facebook prpl), so they ended up using some http facebook API. Perhaps you could ask them? And the pidgin people as well, I guess.

    Thanks for Adium :)

  23. Debra Ross Says:

    Thanks so much for the update. I was wondering what was going on. That facebook captcha is so annoying, but I love my adium!! I keep it running all day and I’ve told everyone I know about it. Keep up the good work!

  24. Sachin Says:

    Thank you very much for the quick update. I was getting worried so I came onto the Adium website and I’m glad to have found an explanation to what’s happening.
    I really appreciate your constant development of Adium and trust you will be able to resolve this issue soon.

  25. seegee Says:

    thank you so much for your efforts in working on a fix on this issue.

  26. Mike Says:

    Just wanted to add my voice to the chorus: you guys are great at keeping on top of this stuff and providing quick turnaround and a great product… for free. It’s greatly appreciated, and I wish I had that kind of motivation in my life. :p

  27. Kelso Says:

    Ya, the capcha problem started a couple days ago for me as well. If you leave it disconnected for a couple hours, you’ll eventually be able to log back in.

  28. Augusto Says:

    Thanks for the heads-up. I’ve filed an API request at Facebook, too. Cheers!

  29. Eric Says:

    Thank you very much for the notification, Adium Team! I was going nuts trying to figure this out.

  30. bentl3y Says:

    Thanks for the notice & for already working on a fix to this problem. I will definitely send FB a message. I know use the chat feature more than anything else on there.

  31. Hemen H. Mehta Says:

    Thank you for the update, and thank you for working on a fix, you guys/gals do a great job and make a great product. Please keep up the good work.

  32. Gene Says:

    I sent FB a feedback like you asked… hope this is working soon. Thanks!

  33. Mikel Says:

    Everything is said. Youre great and thanks for keep us updated.

  34. EvilJohn Says:

    The plugin has an update over on the pidgin page, I’m assuming that will require a new build of Adium to be produced soon.

  35. Tinker Bell Says:

    ADIUM : Facebook Captcha

    Facebook thinks you’re not you. To prove you are, please enter your date of birth

    and i can’t turn on…i go to preferences to delete the account and QUIT…

    what can i do? i don’t wanna Re-Install Adium…please fix

    leopard 10.5.6

  36. Duncan Says:

    @ Tinker Bell – Have you even read the blog post? Unbelievable

  37. The_BORG Says:

    Thanks for the update!

  38. TC Says:

    @ADIUM TEAM: Thanks for the update. I’ve been having this issue for about a month, but only when I’m at the public library — so I figured it had something to do with their network security settings. (It works fine at home.) Anyway, thanks again for all your hard work to get it fixed. You guys rock.

    @TINKER BELL: Are you high?

  39. coenie Says:

    tnx for the info !

    i hope fb does something – and fast !

    i’ll post something on their suggestions-page to… the more the better, social pressure does work ! :-)

    cheers to the adium’ers !

  40. Daniel MacKay Says:

    Yeah guys, awesome work on Adium, it’s a really beautiful tool to work with. It feels good under your hands. Congratulations to everyone on the team, especially the guys who designed the log browser, the Contact Info Editor, and the self-updating system, all three of which are brilliant and flawless.

  41. Captain Squirt Says:

    Would upgrading to the Beta version make any difference?

  42. Debra Ross Says:

    Thanks for the upgrade! It’s working fine now. Click Check for updates to download 1.3.8.

  43. Does not work Says:

    It still does not work. It logs me on then automatically logs me out.

  44. justin Says:

    Thank you for acknowledging the issue. This has been a big annoyance, but knowing the problem is being dealt with makes me feel much better. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

  45. Campbell McInally Says:

    Still not working for me either. Prompts to enter two encrypted words separated by a space. Doesn’t work whether I’m logged into facebook on my browser or not. Is it working for anyone else?

  46. David Says:

    Hmmm. Didn’t realize the Facebook doesn’t have a published protocol or API. But that isn’t too suprising.

    While it is nice to see my Facebook friends logging in and out, most of my IM activity is through other services. So, it doesn’t affect me terribly much.

  47. Sara Lin Says:

    Ahhh….GO ADIUM GO! Thanks for working on the fix. Let’s circumvent the evil FB change in protocol.

  48. jguo Says:

    still not working after update. captcha is not working.

  49. Po-en Says:

    Thanks for working on a fix for this problem! Facebook really needs to up their act.

  50. Tali Says:

    You guys are the best. Facebook is the worst. Please try your hardest.

  51. Daniel MacKay Says:

    yayyy facebook is back! the Adium, pidgin, and libpurple team ROCK.

  52. Graza Says:

    THANK YOU HEAPS!! to the Adium, Pidgin and LibPurple team – what a swift response!

  53. Tali Says:

    you guys are UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!!!!

  54. Josh Says:

    Looks like Facebook is finally deploying XMPP:

  55. Joseph Says:

    Facebook did not work for me immediately after the update either, but I disabled the account and then reenabled it and now it is doing great. Thanks so much for your great support, Adium.

  56. Rachel Says:

    I have updated to the most recent version, disabled and re-enabled the account and am still getting the captcha

  57. Jeff Says:

    I went to the newest Beta version and had the same issues. Reinstalling 1.3.8 is what put me back online.

  58. andrew Says:

    i just updated to 1.3.8 and it seems to work fine – pretty cool news about XMPP.

  59. Melissa Says:

    Thanks for the update, Adium. Facebook needs to stop failing. You guys rock.

  60. XMPP User Says:

    I can confirm XMPP is coming soon as a FB employee mentioned it.

  61. Eric Thomas Black Says:

    Going to 1.3.8 worked for me as well.

  62. Rob Snow Says:

    Seems like 1.4b14 still has the Facebook issue on Snow Leopard.
    Just installed and is doing the same thing. Disconnecting!
    Had my hopes up there :-)

  63. Mikey Says:

    1.3.8 unfortunately is not doing the trick for me. Still getting the annoying CAPTCHA windows. Login to the FB website is working fine. Hmm, maybe in 1.3.9????

  64. Julian Says:


    i’m sorry to hear that but i’m the only one that the facebook chat on adium is working great? I’m using the beta from (nr 14 exactly) and it is working like a charm (like msn does) so what’s the matter?
    I’ve installed it on a clean mac (i didn’t update from a stable version like 1.3.7) downloading the dmg directly from the website. Anyway thanks for mantaining a cocoa version of libpurple :)


  65. Rob Snow Says:

    I just did what Julian said, and basically at present it is working fine.
    So, I would suggest anyone else having issues with the beta 14 to follow Julian’s link and copy that version over the existing one.

    Thanks Julian

  66. Jimmy Says:

    Thanks Julian, worked for me

  67. Campbell Says:

    Yeh the Beta works. Cheers Julian

  68. Don Says:

    Hi – great work on Adium. Unfortunately the upgrade does not fix the facebook problem for me. I am getting a different CAPTCHA but does not seem to log on. I opened a browser, and logged into facebook with that – I get :

    “You have a high number of invalid login attempts for your account.
    If you have forgotten your password, reset your password here.”

    And I still get a series of CAPTCHAs with Adium. SIgh.

    I guess if Facebook don’t force you to use the site, you don’t see the advertising.

  69. Julian Says:


    no problem guys, it was a pleasure to me :) I’m a Unix guy, so sharing my experience is usefull for me :) Have a nice day.


  70. Rob Snow Says:

    Has just started doing it again with the b15 :-(

  71. Rob Snow Says:

    Again, I just downloaded the beta rather than updating and installed as clean over the old, and its working fine again. :-)
    Something in the automatic update that upsets something I think.

  72. Tony Says:

    The beta worked for me too!

  73. Eric Thomas Black Says:

    Ack! 1.3.8 worked for a few weeks and then just tweaked out on me again.

  74. Elijah Says:

    seems like they tried to fix the beta and ended up breaking it also. It doesnt work any longer with the new update.

  75. Johan Carstens Says:

    Dont wana sound hasty but is there an ETA on the new pluggin?
    Im new to aduim and i love it. Moved from pigin. and i run everything on aduim. Just want facebook to.

    Thank guys,
    Love the work!

  76. mel p Says:

    but i think Rob and Julian might be onto something. maybe deleting the app and doing a fresh install is the way to go. i’ve got the beta running, and *touch wood* it seems to be working whereas my upgrading to 1.3.8 was just working and then buggin’ out the entire time. and i used AppCleaner to uninstall – i.e. get rid of plists and everything.

  77. CLopes Says:

    The same thing is happening to me now with the GTalk? Is it the same kind of problem? And will the facebook thing will be fixed anytime soon? just wondering.. :)

  78. CLopes Says:

    P.S. Great job anyhow! Adium is so practical!!

  79. elizabeth mccorkell Says:

    i was wonderin wat was going on was really pissin me of. do u wen it will b fixed by

  80. Po-en Says:

    Just stopped working for me again, after Julians fix.

  81. GEli Says:

    It was fixed for a few days, but it seems to have stopped working for me again. Started disconnecting/reconnecting rapidly yesterday, but this was fixed by restarting the program. I’m now getting a captcha window asking me to type two words (rather than my birthdate), and regardless of how correct I get it it just asks again.

  82. James Says:

    I’m still having the same issue where it won’t stay connected. The captcha form isn’t popping up anymore, but it just won’t stay connected to FB at all. I really don’t want to run AppCleaner and remove it completely as it’s taken me a while to configure Adium exactly how I want it to run.

    Is there any news of a proper fix on the way? I tried installing the Beta over the top but it just did the same thing, so I went back to 1.3.8.

  83. Selena Says:

    today is my first day in facebook wow

  84. Kevin Says:

    Well i’m not sure with everyone else but i’m still having the facebook problem and i’m not going to Appclean or Zap it and reinstall. Facebook and Adium need to get on the same page or something because it is becoming very annoying to have to have two different things running for one program.

  85. Xeo Says:

    same problem here, it won’t stay connect!

  86. izdelava spletnih strani Says:

    Hehe Selena welcome.