Ducks Gone Wild: Adium X 0.87

I was under the impression it was an early Hanukkah gift, actually, Colin, but whatever you’re celebrating — even if it’s just the end of the year — here’s our present to you: Adium X 0.87 is now available for download.

Besides a slew of tasty bug fixes [including such popular ones as blocking/unblocking behavior, proper display of the current rather than the previous away message in message windows, and ICQ nickname retrieval], Adium 0.87 brings improved Off-the-Record encrypted chatting with OTRv3 and better fingerprint verification handling and welcomes Brazilian Portuguese, Canadian English, and Polish users to join the international Adium community.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our site and AdiumXtras host Network Redux, our Trac and Subversion host Penguin Militia Networks, and our download host CacheFly. All three are thoroughly awesome 🙂



  1. Will .87 save my .86 preferences? Namely, if I upgrade it asks me if I want to replace the old Adium (when I drag the duck into my Applications folder). Will I be starting from scratch or will it remember all my friends, settings ‘n such?


  2. It should. That said, I already had one bizarre, random crash (absolutely no idea what caused it, alas) and switched back to .86. :-\

  3. Unfortunately, after upgrading from .86 to .87 Adium now just sits there trying to connect but never gets there. I tried putting .86 back over .87, but no dice. My very quick look in the forums didn’t seem to indicate this is a widespread problem, though. Hmm.

  4. Great job… keep it up like this!
    BTW, does anyone knows where I could follow libgaim development? oO

  5. Still can’t accept files via AIM…

    Other than that this is the best chat software I have ever used. Tabbed chat is a stroke of genius in itself…

  6. Instructions for following libgaim development are listed here, on our support website.

  7. Just DL’d the new .87 version and now my user icons are all screwed up. They aren’t the ones that I had in .86 and they won’t change.

  8. Looking at the road map, are you going to skip the .9 all together and go straight to 1.0?

  9. This version crashes constantly. First time I used it it crashed. The longest it stayed up was about 5 hours. I started it and 5 hours later I typed my first message. As soon as I tried to send it: Boom, down goes the app. I have a sound set from Adiumxtras that I’ll try to remove. Other than that, it’s a vanilla setup.

    I still love this progam and will continue using it. I’ll just have to use the last version for the moment, that’s all.

  10. Funny, 0.87 works fine for me. How many silly hacks do you guys have installed?


    Please see the Support & Development tab for help, bug reports, and feature requests.

  12. Evan, we’re not looking for support.

    We’re posting FYIs to any potential new users to be careful of this new version.

  13. Yeah, because writing a Trac ticket is just too much trouble for us!

  14. Is this the same built, which was posted a few days ago on the beta page?

  15. Happy Chanukah! Merry Xmas! And Joyous whatever other holidays you celebrate.

    0.87 works great for me. 🙂


  16. Happy Thankschristmahannuramadanakwanzaaboxingdaynationalpigdaynewyearsolyulepiphanymas!

    Now what else did I forget?

    taken from

  17. Well done, only blocking function still not working at all on my G4/Tiger. Becomes urgent. Thanks

  18. Happy Holidays to all. Weso³ych Œwi¹t to all the polish Adium users. Thanks to all the Adium developers. Looking forward to Adium X’s implementation of Gaim 2.0 and its newer and better implementation of gadu gadu. Can’t wait for the MacTels to come out in January. Once again, keep up the good work

  19. I have a question.. and if theres a better place to post this… like a forum of some kind which I can’t seem to find, please let me know!
    With the future advent of GTK for OS X (native) can we expect to see superior IM encryption with gaim-encryption? I understand that gaim-encryption relies upon the gtk library which OS X is bereft of and therefore even applications that are based off of gaim libraries would not have the benefit of using gaim-encryption.. but once it -is- possible… will there be any work in that direction?

  20. my .87 been crashing like a MS application….. now, even i replace it with an older version still crashs

    will there be an update soon?


  21. Adium 0.87 crashing and crashing recently when logging in MSN, I must try more times to connect it. But at same time, MSN on PC can log in at once. All Mac users in China are said so. Even Microsoft MSN for Mac can’t log in too. I am wondering MSN China have done something BLOCK to mac users…

  22. Hey, congrats on the v0.87 release! Will we have to wait until 2006 New Year’s Eve to see 1.0 final? 😀

    There is one minor visual flaw that I’d like to see corrected: in the Contacts window, you can click the Pill to bring down the toolbar. The “Add Contact” button looks a bit strange, almost like the duck is sucking on a green pacifier, because the tiny size renders the green symbol impossible to interpret, especially on a less-than-stellar monitor.

    Might I suggest rendering a new version with a simple green + symbol off to the side of the duck? Or, you can keep the circle but make the “plus” a bit thicker so we can actually see what it is!

  23. “Adium 0.87 crashing and crashing recently when logging in MSN, I must try more times to connect it. But at same time, MSN on PC can log in at once. All Mac users in China are said so. Even Microsoft MSN for Mac can’t log in too. I am wondering MSN China have done something BLOCK to mac users…”

    yeah, this is true, Adium just crashed almost everytime MSN was logging. must be some unexpected command or string from the server which adium can not handle. Please double check this bug. thanx!!!

  24. I was just checking to see if anyone else was having problems with constant crashes and discovered, lo and behold, andy d and some others are having problems with constant crashes, having something to do with MSN. I’m traveling in China right now and am having this problem, but will be back in the US in 10 days or so, so can see if it’s happening there too. Glad it isn’t just me! And you should have plenty of crash reports to work off of too 😉

  25. are you going to update the sourceforge page w/ the .87 source?


  26. I’m also experiencing crashes all the time, especially when i’m chatting in a group-chat.

  27. I have also the same bug in China, MSN can’t connect and it’s not an issue of the .87 version I had the same problem with .86… I still can connect to MSN after trying many times to connect; many crashes but after some tries it connects and stay connected for a long time…

    Thanks for this great software anyway!

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