Growl 0.7.4 in Adium 0.88 beta

The most recent (and hopefully last) of the 0.88 beta series, Adium X 0.88b4 includes Growl 0.7.4b1. Growl users, you’ll be prompted to update automatically, no download required as usual. Please see this Growl forum thread and report success or failure if your OS X version / Machine configuration is not yet reported there. Once we know that Growl is good to go, Adium X 0.88 will be ready for release. Thanks! 🙂


  1. I thought I’d let you know that running on Intel, avatars are not working/updating for msn accounts…I dont use any other service besides msn so I can’t speak for those. Sounds do work now.

  2. that’s an old bug.

  3. 0.88b5 is post but cachefly can’t find it

  4. is it possible for adium to display, on a separate window, when a contact signs in? (like msn)

  5. Use Growl 😉

  6. Hi there, i hve beein using the intel version and like the first comment, the user pictures are not working on msn, neither are file transfers.

  7. I can’t fix msn file transfers without either someone submiting a patch or someone providing useful data. Please help at

  8. I knew it was an old bug but, has the problem been fixed?

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