Thanks to TheCodingMonkeys!

I’d like to thank TheCodingMonkeys for their donation to the Adium team of a 20-seat SubEthaEdit license. We use SubEthaEdit (or SEE) fairly regularly for its great multi-user collaborative editing functionality which lets any number of people work on the same document — from code, aided by its language-appropriate syntax highlighting, to brainstorming sessions to changelogs — over the Internet or Bonjour. I personally use it as my TextEdit replacement, as well — I even have SVN_EDITOR=”see -w” in my .bashrc so I can write Subversion commit logs with it. We definitely recommend you check it out.


  1. So… 1.0 will be out sooner, maybe?

  2. SubEthaEdit is definitely awesome! I have messed around with it and used it occasionally for collaborative sessions and I’m glad to know all you guys use it for Adium. I can’t even begin to imagine how much easier it must make things.

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