Adium X 1.0b9

We don’t ordinarily do blog posts about betas, but I thought I’d follow up to the previous post by pointing out that 1.0b9 is now up. Besides the AIM thing, there are two other things on the changelog worth mentioning:

  • MSN custom emoticons work again, though not without a few rough edges still (#3941).
  • The long-awaited QQ service (#383). Hooray for the Google Summer of Code!

A lot of our Chinese users have been waiting for QQ support for a long time. As for custom emoticons, they’re not working perfectly yet (when we receive one, the message view doesn’t auto-scroll the way that it should), but they are working. I’ll throw out an informal prediction that it will be completely fixed by b10.

Happy beta-testing, and please report those bugs!


    QQ is using by most of we chinese

  2. But where can i get the beta?
    Thanks a lot! seansix

  3. Download from the Adium Beta page.

  4. it seems that this is just a beta.


    using qq

    i can send message to ohters(people who using qq on pc or using iqq on mac)

    but i can’t recieve message from others.

    by the way, i introduce iqq to u .

    iqq is the mac version of qq ,and it is made by one chinese sdudent

    u can get it here.

    i think it will help u on your subject.

    and also ,u can get the english version of qq from

    after all, thanks to your hard work.

  5. hmm

    forgot something

    u can get iqq from

  6. If only their was a way for me to sign up for qq without knowing Chinese…
    Thanks for the AIM update. Can’t wait for 1.0.

  7. This seems to break the “Renkoo” message theme. I was receiving/sending message but nothing would display in the chat box! Keep up the good work duck and duckies 🙂


  8. I can see custom emoticons but with some limitations.
    I can’t see animated gif that are bigger than 60×60 pixels

  9. The lagging issue needs to be sorted out, but otherwise it’s working well.

    Thanks guys

  10. my qq worked w/ adium yesterday
    today it no longer works
    did something change?

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