Gizmo in Adium?!!?

OK, so it’s not what you’re thinking. ☺

Colin and I were playing with Gizmo 2.0 last night. Before we started, I wanted to try out its IM feature, so I clicked the “IM” button. Up came the prompt:

Account name or Jabber/XMPP ID:

“Hmmm”, I said. I entered my regular Jabber ID and IM’d myself. Up popped a tab in Adium, from

Now thoroughly in an experimental mood, I added a Jabber account to Adium, with the JID set to and the connect server set to

Sure enough, it works flawlessly. Contact list changes in Adium carry over to Gizmo and vice versa. The only Gizmo feature missing in Adium is voice chat. 😉

So, if you don’t like that Gizmo doesn’t support Adium message view styles (Skype does), just use Adium. ☺


  1. what about the gizmo plugin?

  2. Well, this is awesome.

    Now just skype…

  3. I don’t think they’re maintaining the Gizmo plug-in anymore. The current version of it is for 0.85. I heard that it worked with 0.86, but according to the comments on the Xtra page, 0.87 and later do not work with it.

    I don’t blame them for giving up development of it; for our part, we haven’t kept up a stable plug-in API, so every release tends to break things in third-party plug-ins.

    As for Skype, when Colin and I tested Gizmo 2.0, we found the audio quality to be much better than Skype 1.4↔Skype 1.5. It was also slightly kinder to my poor G4 Cube (I wasn’t going to be playing Quake II in the background, but at least it doesn’t tax my system like Skype does). So, for now, Gizmo > Skype.

  4. Gizmo may be better than Skype, but Jabber is better than msn. It doesn’t mean we don’t need to use it.

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