The Trac dance

The PostgreSQL switch for Trac which Peter mentioned in the last blog post didn’t work out well; resource consumption drove the server to its knees. We’re working on a solution which doesn’t require going back to SQLite with its database-locking problems. Thanks for your patience.


  1. Is server not too powerful or are there just so many people hitting Trac? I’ve never had problems running Trac on MySQL on Linux boxes really.

  2. You can throttle down PostgreSQL so it uses less resources, check out chapters 16 and 17.

  3. We are patient, but we’d like to know what is going on when some services are down 😉

    So thank you Evan for letting us know 🙂

  4. Errgh, ok, what about svn??

    svn co svn:// adium
    svn: Can’t connect to host ‘’: Connection refused

    Tried to find some info on trac, but it’s down for a day now 🙁

  5. breun: We were previously using SQLite, which locks terribly on concurrent access, no good for a server handling lots of requests. We’re not working on a switch to MySQL – this’ll be the first time Trac is using that backend for us.

    Damien: My server admin tells me that it was not so much PostgreSQL itself as some sort of a resource fight between it and MySQL which also runs on the box. I leave such things to the pros… I assume they’d leave Cocoa programming to me 😉

    aadaam: Change that svn:// to an http:// – we’re not using the svnadmin daemon anymore.

  6. well, i’m just a on-off user of Adium and don’t know how to file a bugreport… so here goes.
    it’s small, but easily fixed.

    in Danish (b24) when connecting and there is a connection issue it gives error:
    “Kunne ikke sende; en forbindelsesfejl opsted”
    translated to english (Could not send; a connection error occured)

    this is incorrect, it should be:
    “Kunne ikke sende; en forbindelsesfejl opstod”

    2nd last character should be o not e :-), that’s all.

    Use this info as you wish, if you manage to find it in a place where it’s not supposed to be :P, i’m not going to follow up on this. GL and thanks for a great app!

  7. I’m not sure if this is related but on b18 connections are pretty up in the air to some of the servers, like MSN, and occasionally google.. To further compound the issue or maybe it is also part of the solution – I can’t update to b24 from China! Something is wrong with Cachefly providing connections here (Beijing at least). Someone have a mirror? This is really unusable now.. Can’t be sure it is Adium’s problem or China’s until I check on b24

  8. I’m not quite sure but maybe looking towards alternatives other than trac would be worthwhile?

  9. Congrats for the beta, I like it a lot. Past conversations are really fast compared to stable version.
    I loved the “Add do Address Book”, with picture and so, my suggestion goes to “Merge with Address Book” feature.

  10. Trac seems up now, nice!

  11. Still seems to be slow and lock up…

  12. We’re still working on it. I don’t have numbers on me for Trac access rates, but after 1.6 million downloads of Adium 0.89.1, you can imagine that it’s fairly high traffic and therefore not a small problem by any means to have it running at speed.

  13. la hotmail es uno de los mejores aver si esto lo supera

  14. Why not run it on MySQL? They’re definitely concentrating a lot on it in the latest release. And 0.10.4 is mostly about getting MySQL running right.

  15. Perhaps I’ve simply missed it, but I haven’t seen an update about when 1.0 will be coming out. Really, nothing discusses a timeline for when you might be ready. It’s been months since the last update and a public announcement of some kind would be greatly appreciated.

  16. The beta was updated recently, I believe to 1.0b24 (20-24 have come quite quickly all with lots of updates). There is a “timeline” feature in Trac that showed things nearing 1.0 final, but it hasn’t been accessible as of late.

  17. If you dig deeply enough, you can find some conversations between the developers that give some details. (Hint: ) It sounds like 1.0b24 is basically their release candidate for the official 1.0 release. However they want to have Trac ready before the official release so that they can handle the huge influx of bug reports that will inevitably come when it’s put into wide release. So it’s the Trac system that is the “blocker” for the 1.0 release. Once they have the Trac problems sorted out, we should see a 1.0 release. The next public announcement you should see is the announcement of 1.0.

    It also sounds like they are trying to slip in 1 or 2 last bugfixes as long as Trac is taking so long.

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