Adium 1.1 beta

Adium 1.1 beta is now available for your testing. This a major Adium release — see the beta page for the list of changes.

Got something to say about the 1.1 beta? Please use Trac after reading ReportingBugs. Enjoy!

5 Responses to “Adium 1.1 beta”

  1. Chris Says:

    This is going to be such an awesome release… Thanks for such an awesome app

  2. ulrik Says:

    Hey, thanks for the great work. Anyway, the Disk Image does not attach, Disk Utility keeps telling me “Device not configured”. Any clue?

  3. siyeclover Says:

    Thanks for your work. Will Adium support Yahoo! chat with MSN?

  4. katlady81 Says:

    Forums are down right now, but I think this question is important enough to share here:
    Is there any official “get adium” image to use if we’d like to spread the word?
    I just noticed that there is not an official one anywhere on the site, however I do remember there being a contest long ago for it.

    I would like to share the duck, but I need a good duck link image!


  5. Anonymous Says:

    I’m really looking forward to getting the 1.1 final release – but PLEASE, fix the ICQ-Away-Message-Bug (status messages of adium users are not shown to other icq users)
    thanks, keep up the good work