One of the more amusing parts of Adium work, a quandary

So for since the dawn of time, man has always wondered “How do the Adium Developers create the Adium changelogs?!”

I will tell you, with pictures, and with words. First, a picture:

We typically use SubEthaEdit to do our changelogs. It’s a bunch of fun. In the end we always end up with a multicolored bit of things here and there, and a few laughs.

I hope everyone likes the image. That’s the 1.1 changelog (in mid edit).

6 Responses to “One of the more amusing parts of Adium work, a quandary”

  1. Shawn Wilsher Says:

    Nothing like how Growl developers do it 😉

  2. Robert Says:

    What’s the red book icon with the yellow tree? I haven’t seen that before

  3. Peter Hosey Says:

    robert: It’s Family, by Saltatory Software (Chris and Evan’s software company).

  4. LH Says:

    Is that a shoutout I see on line 17? 🙂

  5. Alex Says:

    lol, found 59 occurrences of what now?

  6. Chris Forsythe Says:

    haha, I was working in the Family codebase and needed to find something for that.