SoC: iCal integration with Adium

There was a ticket #7483 that was asking for iCal integration with Adium. The AppleScript support for Adium has advanced to the point of being able to do this. The script is available here. Simply attach it to iCal events, and Adium’s status will change when the event is fired. Very handy.

Mentor Peter Hosey adds: This will only work when Matt’s Summer of Code work arrives in a release Adium. That will be 1.2, at the earliest.

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  1. Unfortunately, this is not really a practical solution: iCal doesn’t support creating a default alert (and the only 3rd party hacks available don’t allow you to set an applescript as the action), so you’d have to set the applescript for every meeting. Furthermore, the calendar that I want to use is a calendar feed, so I can’t modify it to add alerts.

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