Vote for Adium!

The nominations are in for’s IM Best awards and your favorite green duck has managed to snag a spot in 3 different categories.

We are nominated for:
-Best Mac Instant Messenger (Yahoo is currently in the lead…)
-Best Third-Party IM
-Best IM Developer(s) of the Year

Be sure to head on over to IM Best Awards 2008 to cast your vote. Voting ends at Noon EST on Saturday April 19th.

9 Responses to “Vote for Adium!”

  1. Conlan Says:

    Voted. And… Yahoo Messenger? Seriously? Where is this segment of the population?

  2. Lucky Boy Says:


    That’s what I thought..

  3. Jeremy Says:

    Yahoo Messenger is no longer in the lead. 🙂

  4. Marco Says:

    Ok I voted for Adium but… why isn’tthere AIM in that list?

  5. katlady Says:

    Why wasn’t Adium included as an option for the “Best IM Experience” group? It would have been fun to see how well Adium did going up against the biggies. (unless that group means official client, which should have been mentioned if that’s the case)

  6. Kevin Says:

    yeah, adium shouldve been up for best IM experience. if yahoo won best mac messenger, i would have to file an official complaint.

  7. anitra Says:

    there is no way yahoo would have beat adium for best IM experience…..unless the general population has gone crazy

  8. Tim Says:

    Well, to be fair and play devils advocate: Yahoo has voice and video support so maybe they’re basing it on that. Of course, we’re smart enough to realize the truth 🙂

  9. David Says: