1.3.4 beta

Hi folks! We’ve released a 1.3.4 beta, available at the beta page.

This is a small bugfix release, which includes a newer version of libpurple’s 2.5.5 release, as well as a newer version of pidgin-facebookchat, the plugin which powers our Facebook chat. Pidgin-facebookchat 1.50 includes the fix for the bandwidth drain found in previous versions of the plugin.

Test it out, let us know how it goes! And yes, 1.4 is getting closer and closer; patience. 🙂

17 Responses to “1.3.4 beta”

  1. Rob Snow Says:

    I have this issue. When I heard the release notes I was happy, but on installing it, it seems not to have been fixed.
    Two versions previous, when in Facebook, each launch would be free of contacts. As they logged on, they would be added to the list.
    Now, I have a list of 418 logins from my friends on facebook. Everyone a number until they log in again.
    This is very annoying and frustrating. Is there no way to get this list to flush every quit? So it is empty went restarted, like it used to.

  2. Bascha Says:

    Hey , the new version is nice, but there is just the biggest problem of adium…

    i cant send anything to anyone….this is a big problem….thats why a lot of guys change to protheus…

    plese for next update it would be very nice if you could fix that 🙂


  3. Evan Schoenberg Says:

    @Rob Snow: This is a function of the pidgin-facebook plugin, which we began using a couple versions ago for Facebook support. Is your problem that it lists these offline contacts or that their names aren’t known until they log in?

    @Bascha: FIrst I’ve heard of such a problem. Please note that these comments are not a support forum – you should email us (feedback at adiumx dot com) or use Trac if it’s now up ( We need a lot more details: what service(s) are you using, what happens instead when you try to send a message, etc. I won’t bother engaging your claim that a lot of guys change to proteus 🙂

  4. Yi Says:

    great job on Adium! keep it going!

    however there is a new issue, QQ warned me that the support of this version of IM software or protocol will be stopped soon. and it asked me to upgrade to QQ2009…….

  5. Rob Snow Says:

    Its a case of both. I’d prefer not to have a list of everyone who has logged in, ever. I would rather have a list of todays logins. and active people.

  6. Rob Snow Says:

    Also today on my Macbook, I wasn’t able to connect to Yahoo, but on my G5 I was.
    The G5 version is 2 versions back, but its the same connection.
    The error reads “Can’t connect to socket”

  7. Cale Says:

    I wish MSN pecan back! anyone saw the new features???? voice clips, sending custom emoticons, The official MSN Pidgin, libpurple? wheres that going? please take msn pecan back! 🙁

  8. Zac West Says:

    Sending custom emoticons is supported in libpurple, just not in Adium.

  9. Badcrumble Says:

    What happened to color coded tickets in the trac? 🙁

  10. Matt Says:

    @robsnow: I am getting the “can’t connect to socket error” as well. G4, latest Tiger release (10.4.11?) Very puzzling. 🙁

  11. Cale Says:

    @zacwest, yep, but fast file transfers? Colored nicks,, recieve handwritten message, voice clips!, maybe libpurple has 1 one this, but wheres most of the features of Msn?

  12. Rob Snow Says:

    The socket thing has fixed itself after a few days.

  13. Jordy Says:

    I still cannot send a file via ICQ.
    When I send something via MSN it goes very slowely.
    But I’m not out, I love Adium! 😀

  14. 4nak1n Says:

    This version is good, but i don’t know who i invisible with. That’s the big issue, u can fix by make the contact be invisible italic.

  15. naglaa Says:

    hi gays,
    i use adium for along now, but the new version of 1.3.4 beta still I have problem to contact to may yahoo messenger account, any solution for that problem?????

  16. Jason Says:

    Adium Team,
    Thanks for all your hard work!

  17. Dom Says:

    Great job.
    I love Adium but i’d like to have colored nicks.
    Thanks for your work.