List of services supported and their interoperability

This page lists all services Adium supports. Clicking on a service will lead you to a dedicated page with more information on the specific service, e.g. history and censorship.

Further down, you can find out which services interoperate ("which service can talk to which") as most services don't interoperate with most other services—this is not an Adium thing.

Note: We do not host any IM services ourselves. Adium is a third-party client for connecting to services run by other people (mostly companies).

Supported services

Service interoperability

No service can talk to all services. This means in order to talk to contact X, you must have an account on the same service as contact X, or on any compatible service.

  • If you have an account on AIM, ICQ, or MobileMe, you can chat with anybody who uses AIM, ICQ, MobileMe, or SMS.
  • If you have an account on Google Talk, XMPP ("Jabber"), LiveJournal, or Gizmo, you can chat with anybody who uses Google Talk, XMPP ("Jabber"), LiveJournal, or Gizmo.
  • In the official clients, MSN users can chat with Yahoo! users but this is not yet supported by Adium.

XMPP transports

Some XMPP ("Jabber") servers (mostly private ones) allow chats with proprietary services such as AIM, MSN, and Yahoo! via a mechanism called "XMPP transports". In Adium, you should be able to chat through transports transparently (that is, it should work just like chatting with users who actually are on the same server). However, you will need to contact the administrator of your Jabber server to find out what services it has transports for. The public servers for and Google Talk do not support transports.