Growl support

Growl lets Mac OS X applications unobtrusively tell you when things happen. In its default configuration, Growl fades a floating notification into the top-right corner of your screen for a moment and then fades it out again. Once installed, you can control how it notifies you via the Growl preference pane in the System Preferences. You can learn more about Growl at Growl's website.

Installing Growl

Growl is separate from Adium, but if you choose to do so Adium can install Growl for you.

  • If Growl isn't installed, then the first time Adium tries to post a Growl notification, it will ask to install Growl.
  • If Growl is installed but isn't working, open the Growl pane within the System Preferences, ensure Adium is listed on the Applications tab, and check that notifications from it are enabled. Adium will be listed and enabled by default.

Default Growl notifications

The following events notify you via Growl by default:

  • Contact signs on
  • Message received (Background Chat)
  • File transfer requested
  • File transfer completed successfully
  • File transfer failed
  • Error occurs

To turn some of these off, or to make Adium post additional Growl notifications, you need to set up one or more events (either on a contact, or globally in the Preferences) that post a Growl notification.