The message view


Adium's message display, "WebKit Message View" (WKMV), is powered by WebKit (dedicated Adium Wiki entry; official site), the same layout engine which drives Apple's Safari web browser. This allows Adium to support an incredible variety of beautiful message display styles, and allows web-savvy users to become developers of Adium's appearance without touching a line of code.

Message styles

.AdiumMessageStyle Xtras provide alternate message styles for Adium. By default, Adium contains seven message styles that can be configured from Adium's Messages preferences pane:

  • GoneDark
  • minimal_mod
  • Mockie
  • Renkoo
  • Smooth Operator
  • Stockholm
  • yMous

Hundreds of additional message styles are available from the Adium Xtras site, and can be installed by clicking the install link on the Xtra's page. To install a message style that you have already downloaded, simply double-click it. In either case, Adium will launch and put it into the correct place for you.

Information on making custom message styles is available at CreatingMessageStyles.