What's new in Adium?

Adium 1.4 was over 2 years in development (after the release of Adium 1.3 on 8/25/2008) and sports many new features. Just a few of the major improvements are listed below. We hope Adium makes instant messaging wonderful for you.

Twitter support

Image of Adium account types with Twitter selected
  • Timeline messages appear in a group chat.
  • Direct messages as a one-on-one chat with a contact
  • Adding and removing contact list buddies follows and unfollows them, respectively.
  • Also includes support for StatusNet servers, such as Identi.ca

IRC support

Image of Adium account types with IRC selected
  • Execute commands on connect.
  • Display of operator status in chats, as well as user's /away status
  • Mass-modify attributes of user list members from the group chat's action widget below the user list.

Greatly improved group chats and group chat bookmarks

Image of a group chat
  • Joining large group chats now works a lot faster.
  • Many improvements to the user list.
  • Support for topics. (Note that message styles must support the feature for them to show up.)

New Authorization Requests window

Image of the Authorization Requests window
  • Authorization requests no longer create one alert panel per request
  • The authorization requests window has add, ignore, and deny toolbar and context menu items.

New and updated default message styles

Image of new Smooth Operator
  • Updated to take advantage of new features such as topics and mentions.
  • Adium 1.4 also adds yMous as an entirely new style.

And lots more!

For the full list of changes, fixes, and improvements check out Adium Version History.