Here you can watch some videos that should get you started with Adium in no time.

Preview of Episode Installing AdiumEpisode 0: Installing Adium

How to copy Adium from its disk image into your Applications folder.

Preview of Episode First RunEpisode 1: First Run

A demonstration of running Adium's setup assistant for the first time.

Preview of Episode Adding a contact; first chatEpisode 2: Adding a contact; first chat

Adding contacts to your list and initiating chats with them.

Preview of Episode ChattingEpisode 3: Chatting

The basic features Adium provides when chatting with another person.

Preview of Episode Outgoing Text ColorsEpisode 4: Outgoing Text Colors

How to set your outgoing text color, and then how to set it back to no color.

Yes, you can get the cow image used in the videos, too.